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We were so lucky with the weather on this amazing day. Tuesday 21 March started with a beautiful morning whereas we were privileged enough to enjoy the sun throughout the day. Everyone was excited to get up early to get in the car, train or by bike for the third edition of the Storymakers Event! In case you have missed out on the event or the hashtag #storymakers on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or you just have the need for a short recap? Here we go!


The event started at 10:30am with a warm welcome at Hotel de GoudFazant next to the river IJ in Amsterdam where we attached name badges and provided everyone with our Storymakers goody bag. Even though the venue was big enough for all the 45 brands and 120 media that were present, you could still enjoy the intimate atmosphere!

The kick off of Storymakers was the Symposium, where various speakers inspired and shared their visions about being ‘stronger together’. Because that’s what the event is all about: connecting media, brands and destinations for future collaborations.

Our very own Tessa aan de Stegge, the founder of Cherry LAB and a true travel trend watcher opened the Symposium by welcoming all guests and briefly emphasised an interesting trend within the media landscape. Due to the fact that online and offline are now more merged than ever, it is no surprise that the inline trend was the centre of this third edition of Storymakers.


After Tessa, our gadget model Rutger Houweling of took over the floor and talked about snackable content. He strives to make the complex world more approachable on his platform by making content that is more manageable for the short attention span. This doesn’t mean that content can’t last more than 30 seconds. It is more important that it should be personal, recognisable, approachable and entertaining.

That travelling isn’t obvious for everyone was emphasised during the presentation by speaker Mila Wit of the foundation Reis met je Hart. How influencers can contribute to her foundation is pretty clear. Cherry LAB helps to gain publicity for the foundation through influencers by creating the hearts campaign. This campaign ensured publicity that consequently resulted in support through various donors.

Travel vlogger and YouTube ambassador Ivana Perkovic was the fourth speaker and talked about the ecosystem of the video channel and the impact that fellow YouTubers have. By sharing her daily travel moments as a vlogger, she experiences how strong her connection with her followers truly is. The emotion that derives from this connection can even have  impact on people’s behaviour.

Sfeerbeeld-2-symposium-storymakersFrom left to right: Mila Wit, Ivana Perkovic, Chris König

Chris König, also known as The Adventurizer leads a multi-life as a photographer, blogger and founder of a start-up. How? By being specific, spreading risks and just passionately go all in! This year Chris embraces the adventure, terminated his lease, bought a campervan and will live like a nomad.

Vellah Bogle of travel organisation Riksja Travel explained during her presentation how Riksja is trying to make a better world by providing a more personal touch to travelling. Riksja Travel organises individual trips based on personal desires. Additionally, Riskja collaborates with influencers on start-ups in their Travellab to enable co-entrepreneurship.

As the name says,  Better Places does want to make the world a better place by offering responsible travels, where even the locals can benefit. They are trying to reduce the common plastic waste by currently sending their travelling customers with a refillable Dopper. Influencers are very much important to Better Places. By sending them on their travels with a Dopper and making content, they stimulate exemplary behaviour by their followers.

Do you want to experience the ultimate freedom? That’s right, you can do that with a campervan. The founder of Camptoo talked during the Symposium about what him inspired to travel by campervan and how he came up with this renewed concept.

Hotel de GoudFazant served a delicious lunch right after the Symposium. A perfect moment to let all the inspiration and information sink in and regain some energy to freshly network at the Shop & Stop Market!sfeerbeeld shop & stop-stortmakersAs soon as the Shop & Stop Market started everyone couldn’t wait to get acquainted with various brands like the Hard Rock Café, Trailfinders Ruitervakanties and Even destinations from all directions were represented at the Shop & Stop Market to share their inspiring stories: from Jamaica and Sint Maarten to Germany, Norway and also the Canadian Edmonton.Sfeerbeeld-3-brands-storymakersFrom left to right: Landal GreenParks, Sunny Cars, Stichting Promotie Waddenland

Of course all the brands and destinations went all out with their stands! For instance, Stichting Promotie Waddenland literally gave the experience of walking on mudflats to get you all excited for the real deal and go to the Waddenland. Furthermore, you had no choice but to cuddle with Bollo the Bear of Landal GreenParks, fancying a tropical refreshment from Aruba and dream away at the versatile province of Toerisme Flevoland while drinking Flevosap and relishing the enormous amount of tulips who were all present at the Shop & Stop Market! Of course the Cherry LAB-island was also present to share the stories of all their interesting clients.

For those who were eager to learn, there was the opportunity to attend a photography workshop of photographer and adventurer Chris König himself, which was right after the Shop & Stop Market. Not to forget, Sunny Cars shared some useful tips and tricks as well on how to have worry free travels by rental car!

Sfeerbeeld-5-storymakers-workshop From left to right: Workshop Sunny Cars, Bollo with an Aruban coconut, workshop Chris König

Did you miss out on the third edition for any particular reason? Or do you already regret the day passed by so quickly? Please hold your horses, ‘cause we have the feeling that there will be a fourth edition coming up! Stay tuned!

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